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Hi, nice to meet you!

Hello, my name is Paige Krug (she, her, hers). I am a certified ADHD, executive function, academic, & family coach. With ny special education background, it's given me over eight years of experience teaching, tutoring, mentoring, and coaching students. I have the expertise to support children, teens, and adults of all abilities to use their inner strengths to conquer their executive function challenges. Thus, attaining empowerment, resilience, and success.

When partnering with me, clients will ignite the spark in their brains to improve effectiveness in planning, organization, time management, self-regulation, and social interactions to Turn the Paige in their personal and academic lives.


Get to know me:

I am a midwestern gal- originally from the Suburbs St. Louis, Missouri. I attended the University of Kansas (ROCK CHALK!) and graduated with a double degree in Unified Early Childhood Education and Religious Studies. Post college, I worked as a special education teacher in Kansas City. When the pandemic hit, I was not able to support my students effectively. I knew I needed a change. My sister was moving to Chicago for a new job and I jumped on the opportunity to go with her. Here, I began my training as a Life/ADHD coach and I haven't looked back. 

Describe yourself in 4 words:

Enthusiastic, Patient, Caring, Organized

Favorite quote:

"I don’t think anyone can grow unless he’s loved exactly as he is now, appreciated for what he is rather than what he will be." - Mr. Rogers

Some of my favorite things (that do not include my friends & family):

Peel & Stick Wallpaper, Bargain Hunting/Thrifting, Costco, True Crime podcasts, and The Real Housewives.

Most Prized Possession:

 My sweet pup, Ollie. 


Passion in life: 

I'm going to try and make it short and sweet, kids. My passion is that kids are included, understood, and accounted for. I want every child, every person really, to be able to learn, perform, and succeed in a way that is individualized for them.

You can succeed. Success looks different in everyone and I am your partner to help you get there. Remember, it's progress, not perfection.

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