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Parent & Family Coaching

Families with at least one ADHD child experience daily challenges with homework, emotional regulation, relationships, impulsivity, negative behavior, procrastination, motivation, and much more! These executive function challenges make children feel terrible about themselves and hopeless about the future. This can often leave parents feeling frustrated, anxious, and completely exhausted. If they have ADHD themselves, it only exacerbates the challenges they are already facing. The bottom line is parents are desperate to understand their child's ADHD challenges but don’t have the knowledge or tools to support them in productive ways. Parents also often feel isolated, from friends and family, for the fear of being inundated with, ineffective however well-meaning advice or being judged as incompetent parents. 


For these families to move forward, they need a well-trained ADHD Coach, like me, who has an extensive understanding of how ADHD impacts families. 

So...why should you partner with me?

I am a recent graduate of the ADD Coach Academy's The Fundamental of ADHD for Families Course. This course shaped the way I properly support my clients and has allowed me to bring my comprehensive knowledge of the effects of ADHD into my own home. ADHD is a common diagnosis in my household, and trust me, I get exactly what you're going through. It can be incredibly exhausting in more ways than one trying to support your child(ren) but also keeping yourself afloat. I am here to support you on your journey in making ADHD a positive diagnosis for your family and to learn why/how ADHD can positively impact your family's life. 



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