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"Paige has been a huge help in keeping me organized and on track with my classes. The weekly meetings also help me with mental check-in for where I’m at with classes and what I need to do to improve my grades while prioritizing my mental health. One of the reasons why I’m passing my classes."

Anthony, Client

"We could not be happier that our family found Paige. She was able to help our son understand how to manage with compensatory strategies the inattention and difficulty regulating focus caused by his ADHD. We have gone from worrying all the time about incomplete and missing assignments piling up to feeling confident that our son is able to manage his academic work independently. They have also worked on how his ADHD has affected other, non-academic areas of his life. Paige is warm and approachable and was able to quickly build a rapport with our son. He liked meeting with her! The best thing about working with Paige though has been seeing our son's confidence grow and stress diminish. What a gift!"

Julie, Client

"Paige works really hard to understand her clients. She asks great questions and pays close attention to details, which makes her extremely effective and impactful. Paige builds a trusting relationship and makes her clients feel that she is on their side as a strong advocate. She identifies and encourages individuality, and she tailors solutions to meet and accommodate specific needs and idiosyncrasies. We feel very lucky to have Paige in our lives, and her coaching benefits the whole family."

Emily, Client

"Paige has done terrific work connecting with my daughter and helping her feel more successful at managing her school work.  The end of every quarter has always been a mad scramble to catch my daughter up on missing assignments and resulting in tears and frustration.  After just a few months of working with Paige, my daughter reached the end of the quarter much more on top of her school work and more feeling successful than she has in a long time.  I’m grateful for Paige’s skilled assessment of my daughter’s needs and thrilled with the results of her work.

My teen daughter also recommends Paige, saying: "Paige is very easy to get to know and become comfortable with, which makes sessions much more enjoyable and comfortable! Working through organization and even just some life stuff with Paige’s help has been super great and I’m excited to continue!"  

Stephanie, Client


"Paige has been an amazing resource for my child and I cannot say enough good things about her. My child has gone from a sullen and sulky teen who could care less about school and had no confidence to a mildly sulky teen who is learning they are good at school when given the right tools and has confidence to spare! Paige’s bright and sunny personality has a lot to do with the change I’m sure. She is always positive and accepting of whatever happens and really works hard to show her clients that there is a bright side in this sometimes dark world they are in. I know that Paige’s lessons and tools are going to stick with my child long after they stop seeing her, and that she is helping them build habits for life. I only wish that we had found her sooner so that we didn’t spend so many years having difficulty with school and life in general!" 

Emily, Client

“My daughter had a tough time connecting with her past therapist. She struggled to open up during sessions. She's a tough nut to crack", her Therapist used to say. Then we met Paige. My daughter had no problem opening up to her. She uses her ADHD lens, emphasis on partnership, and a safe space to allow my daughter to feel comfortable and heard. My daughter excitedly looks forward to meeting her weekly to build executive function skills. Coach Paige brings energy, kindness, and enthusiasm to her coaching practice. We know our 11 yr old will thrive with Paige’s skills and support! Thanks, Paige!” 

Jen, Client

"Paige Krug brings joy and a love of learning to our home while teaching all three of our very different learners. From my daughter who has special needs to my other daughter who is working on high school test prep, Paige brings proactive planning, stellar execution and great follow through to each lesson. We always felt that if our daughter with learning challenges could learn her math facts through song, they would stick. And sure enough, without even mentioning this to Paige, she took Emma’s love for music and put her addition and subtraction facts to song. Through rhyming, Emma has mastered her basic math facts and more importantly, she has gained confidence in her ability to calculate basic math problems correctly.” 

Pam, Client

“Paige Krug’s unwavering commitment to students, student learning, and infectious optimism is something I’ve only encountered once during my career as a teacher. She works so hard to brighten the lives of her students and her colleagues. I am proud to have worked with Paige and cannot recommend her enough!” 

Dr. Keel, Professor

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